Short Courses

​​Our short courses are run on a demand basis and focus on teaching

a specific skill using positive reinforcement techniques

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Foundation Obedience





$40.00 Members

$150.00 Non Members*

4 weeks

Dogs must be fully vaccinated

Participants will learn how to apply progressive reinforcement techniques to foundation behaviours such as sit, drop and leave and progress to more difficult behaviours such as loose leash walking and recalls.

We recommend new members complete our Foundation Obedience short course to assist their dogs transition into class environment.

*Includes membership to 30 June





$80.00 Members

$200.00 Non Members*

8 weeks

Dogs must be fully vaccinated and able to spend periods secured out of sight from their owner (e.g. crate or car)

Scent Work is a fun activity suitable for most dogs regardless of age or breed.  In our 8 week course your dog will enjoy using their nose to search for their favourite food or toy and get a mental workout at the same time.

After establishing a strong foundation we build on the dogs drive and enthusiasm for Scent Work by introducing them to birch odour used in both ANKC and ACSW trials.

*Includes membership to 30 June

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Intro to Scent Work